Hello world!

Hello Bloggers’ World. Soon I shall begin my MEdTL course and will be posting here as often as possible. I have never worked as a teacher librarian nor do I currently work in a school (I’m a casual teacher bouncing around about 30 schools!). The only real experience I have of what a TL does is from helping out a TL while students had sports on a wed afternoon while casual teaching! Not much to go by really. The TL seemed to have a lot of clerical things to do when there were no classes to come in to the library. He made the library quite inviting and seemed to get quite a few students coming in over lunch time but they were always the same students. I’m looking forward to actually learning what a TL does, as I must admit I have not too much idea of the actual job description, it seems like a jack-of-all-trades type job – teaching classes here and there, helping out a classroom teacher, being the tech help of the school, interacting with students over lunch break, oh and the book person of course, managing extracurricular activities that take place in the library’s spare room – I’ll guess I’ll find out during this course.

I must admit I decided to do a Masters of TL because I am currently quite unemployable over here in Canada. My teaching background is Japanese and there sure isn’t much Japanese teacher over here! I thought the job of a TL seemed nice being able to interact with all the students and hopefully inspire some to become lifelong readers like me! I wasn’t much of a reader in school, and I think this had something to do with not being inspired to read and I never really wanted to go to the library by myself because my friends didn’t want to go in their breaks. I hope I can create a library where students want to come to and want to borrow the latest hit-list book 🙂 A library lounge feel, not a library dungeon!

Until I actually start my subjects I will post these frivolous posts to get myself acquainted with the site and long for the time when I’ll have something more substantial to write about.



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