Librarian-proof libraries? Teacher-proof curriculum?

Librarian-proof libraries? Teacher-proof curriculum? Curriculum executes itself no matter the teacher running it? What a bunch of hooey.

I invite you to read the entertaining guest rant by Gary Hartzell on Doug Johnson’s Blue Skunk blog in 2009.

He makes a very good point about the profound differences in school organisational culture and says that all of these differences in school culture mean the idea of ‘what works in one school will work in all schools’ is “madness”, and I have to say I very much agree with him. You can’t pick up the square block, send it to a TL on the other side of the country, and hope that it’ll fit into their triangle hole. Even our elementary students will tell us that.

I am looking forward to reading Hartell’s 2003 book Building influence for the school librarian: Tenets, targets, and tactics (2nd ed.). Worthington, Ohio: Linworth Pub.

Hartzell: Building influence for the school librarian


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