ETL401 / ETL501

Argh! Assignments!

The radio waves are a bit silent lately as I hunker down to get my first two assignments done for 401 and 501. I am currently working on the 401 essay which asks us to evaluate the ASLA Standards of Professional Excellence for Teacher Librarians. I have papers everywhere and am fishing through them all as I write my essay, which I am currently about 50% through. I am finding some of the standards harder than others to back up with research and evidence, but feel wonderful when I do find that perfect quote or stat to back up a standard. I am concerned both the standards I chose to focus on are form the same section, Professional Practice, but I really do feel they are the most important for student learning outcomes.

501’s essay will need to be started in the next few days. I am trying to finish my first draft of 401 before digging into it, but as the 20th (or 19th for me as I live on the other side of the world to Australia) nears closer I really have to get to it!




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