401 Assignment One Debrief

As I begin to write my 2nd assignment for ETL 401 I thought I’d reflect on how I did in my first assignment and where I could have improved my mark. It all comes down to two words – Inquiry Learning.

But before we get to that, let me give a quick run down on what I wrote on. The assignment was to choose 2 Standards from the ALIA/ASLA 2004 “12 Standards of Professional Excellence for Teacher Librarians”. Both my standards came from the Professional Practice section of the paper (section 2) as I felt these more fully described how TLs can enhance student learning outcomes and informed the TLs role in regard to this. I chose 2.2 Learning and Teaching, and 2.1 Learning Environment. I still stand by my decision to choose these two standards as I still feel they best describe the TL’s role in student learning outcomes.

The two main criticisms I got on my assignment from the marker was the lack of discussion about Inquiry Learning and my references not being up to date enough. This is 100% my own fault because both these points come down to the fact I was behind in the reading and hadn’t gotten up to Inquiry Learning before the Assignment was due – so, I didn’t include inquiry learning discussion and therefore didn’t include the juicy up-to-date resources that went with that unit.

I did talk about collaboration but I should have talked more specifically about collaboration in inquiry units. Now that I’ve read all the materials I can 100% see why the marker pointed this out (in many places) and why they would be been expecting to see it.

Overall I was happy with what I presented before I got the comments back (aren’t we all? We always think what we have done answers the question well) and I was happy with the mark overall even though I could see where I had gone wrong and what I should have included.  The marker gave me encouragement on my structuring and research (though could have been more up to date), and said my use of citations and referencing was “very good”. But more than these points I most appreciated the markers final comment – “You write well, and one can hear your voice and opinion throughout”. Although I missed one key aspect, it was encouraging to hear that I was on the write path with my writing style.

The learning curb is steep not having practiced TLship before and not being a full-time teacher either. I am liking the reading so far for Assignment two comparing 2 information literacy models, and hope this time my references are up to date and I can give the marker everything they are looking for. Fingers crossed!


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