ETL503 – Assignment One results

As I was doing this assignment I seemed to have a lot of doubts and concerns about what I was actually supposed to include. The lecturer kept telling us not to include everything we had learnt, but then it’s hard to not feel proud of what you know and want to show the marker that.

PART A – I chose to do this assignment on the Japanese secondary curriculum, in particular the aspect “research the characteristics of the traditional Japanese feudal system… mak[ing] connections with other cultures, for example British or French feudal systems” (British Columbia Ministry of Education, Skills and Training, 1997, pp. 42-43). I did well in the section and had nothing but good comments from the marker.

PART B – This is where I had trouble cutting my word count down, but I was glad I did in the end because it made it much more crisp. I focussed on Review Journals and Websites, Bibliographic tools, and online bookshops for selection. And Publishers’ catalogues and websites, online bookshops, Online wholesalers, and websites and databases for acquisition. Again, I didn’t have many comments at all in Part B so I guess that means I did it well.

PART C – I enjoyed this section – I felt I knew what i should and shouldn’t include much more than in Part B, and it showed in the marks.


Overall I got 38/40 so I guess I got what the marker was looking for and presented it well. I big ego boost for me that I’m definitely going in the right direction. Lets hope Assignment 2 goes as well 🙂


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