ETL504 – Teacher Librarian as Leader: Initial thoughts on leadership

Before I begin studying the content for this subject, my current understanding of leadership is patchy and inexperienced at best but here goes.

I think it involves the ambition, more than one’s innate ability, to want to improve and experiment with new ideas and strategies, and through this inspire others to do the same.

Leadership involves knowing your craft and your environment and being able to see where you can lead your library – and actually taking the next step and doing it!

Leaders can’t be timid, but they are also respectful of others and know when others can help them improve themselves and their learning environments. They can collaborate with ease and act on these collaborations.

Do I do all of this now? Not at all, really. It’s very hard to be a leader and display leadership qualities when you are a casual teacher. I am called in to a different school everyday (or every second day in slow months), so making a leadership different is next to impossible. That being said, teaching itself is a form of leadership, so perhaps I display a few of the leadership qualities every time I casual teach, but on the whole I do not currently show leadership in schools. I hope this subject will inspire me to change that.


One thought on “ETL504 – Teacher Librarian as Leader: Initial thoughts on leadership

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