ETL504 Mod 1- What type of leader am I?

If I had to choose which leadership model’s style I most relate to in my current life and job, Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard’s Situational Leadership would be me in a nutshell. As a casual teacher I am constantly adapting my leadership style to the followers’ behavior and maturity. If I were to use one style rigidly for days I’m teaching Kindergarteners compared to days when I’m teaching Grade 12 students I wouldn’t get anywhere with them and I wouldn’t get anything out of them.

The best days would have to involve lots of Low Task- High Relationship Style, or “Delegating” style students, but that usually isn’t the case.

The high schoolers are often Low Task – Low Relationship types: able but unwilling, whereas the little primary students are more often High Task – High Relationship types: unable but willing.

Would I like to stay a Situational Leader? No wholly. I would like to embody more of Burns’ (1978) Transformational Leadership qualities including Bass’ (1985; 1990) Four I’s with a mix of Smith and Andrews’ (1989) four dimensions of Instructional Leadership.

How about Stephen Covey’s questionnaire to determine my leadership style? I realized very quickly into it that I am not in a place right now to even take the questionnaire. I don’t have a job at one school, but instead I roam from school to school on a daily basis as a casual K-12 teacher, void of Covey’s “my organization” or “my unit”. I tried the first few questions but couldn’t click any of the boxes, let alone as many as apply. So I’ll leave this questionnaire for now until I get that elusive full-time (I’ll even take part-time) job where I’m part of a “unit” of my own.

Reference List

Marzano, R. J., Waters, T., & McNulty, B. A. (2005). Some theories and theorists on leadership. School leadership that works: from research to results (pp. 13-27). Alexandria, Va.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Retrieved 4 March, 2013 from


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