ETL504 – Leadership Skills Quiz

So I have taken the Leadership Skills Quiz and come to the result that while I’m not incompetent, I’m also no high flyer in the leadership world.

I got a score of 67 out of 100 which equates to “Excellent! You’re well on your way to becoming a good leader. However, you can never be too good at leadership or too experienced – so look at the areas below where you didn’t score maximum points, and figure out what you can do to improve your performance.”

I did most poorly in self-confidence, getting only 6 stars out of 10, not to much surprise I have to say. I am an introvert by nature and while I can try to counter that for the sake of other people, it usually always spells poor self-confidence in my own actions. I will definitely need to improve on this for my future as a leader.

In some other categories I did average, getting 7 out of 10 in the areas of Positive Attitude and Outlook, Emotional Intelligence, and Providing a Compelling Vision of the Future.

Where I really excelled was Managing Performance Effectively, Being a Good Role Model, and Motivating People to Deliver Your Vision. I think I did well in these areas because they are the closest to what I currently do – teaching students. I have to be a good role model for them, I have to manage what they’re producing because usually I only have them for a day and the absent teacher wants results, and finally motivating people to deliver your vision is teaching in a nutshell, I think. You have an end result or outcome in mind and you are guiding the students to it and more importantly getting them to want to deliver something awesome.

So what can I take from this quiz? That I’m perhaps not hopeless but I am going to have to work at my leadership skills. Not all of them come naturally to me, but according to the literature that shouldnt matter as it’s not about leadership genetics anymore, but developing the skills for anyone to be a successful leader.


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