Can you spot a Web 2.0 logo?

Web 2.0 is the internet we live in (with?) today, filled with ways of manipulating the web and content and then sharing it with others, known and unknown, near and far.

But can you spot a web 2.0 site or company just by its logo?

The Font Feed says yes.

My favourite, and the favourite of web 2.0 creators are “the softies”. Soft, round san serif font logos adding “modern friendliness” to an otherwise corporate logo and inviting people in for a coffee and a chat. And perhaps all in the Font Feed’s jokingly Official Colour of the Web 2.0s: lime green.

I think back to making my own online pathfinder for ETL501 and laugh now that I originally chose a beautiful light green colour with bold bubbly white roundy text – that was until I learnt about accommodating people with disabilities, especially colour blindness.

Go check out the Font Feed’s interesting article on the Logos of Web 2.0


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