Radio Silence

So yes, I did a subject over the summer semester (summer in Canada of course) but alas I didn’t blog along with it, which yes I regret now. I did ETL505 Bibliographic Standards in Education and I actually loved it! I kept hearing people gripe and moan about the subject on the forums, but I thrived in the particularness of it and loved the change to a subject where there was one right answer and that was it. I ended up getting a Distinction for the subject so my mark reflected that I ‘got’  the content. I was 2 marks off a HD, but I’ll take the D .

The subject wound its way through what metadata actually is, an introduction to SCIS which I never use being located in Canada, FRBR’s user tasks, RDA, controlled vocabularies, and finally into Dewey and Subject Headings.

I enjoyed the interactive PDF files given to us to practice RDA, Dewey, and Subject Headings. I will say at the end of it I have a much clearly grasp on Dewy and SH, than on RDA… but clear enough for a Teacher Librarian I think.

Now the snows of winter have come to Canada, and it’s time for a new subject – my elective! At first I chose ETL402 Literature in Education but after looking through the subject outline it didn’t seem useful or appealing to me. It seemed to encompass the old views ans style of TLs that we are trying to get away from! INFO506 Social Networking for Information professionals looks much more up my alley! Playing with web 2.0 tools sounds like my downtime, not my study time!


So here goes, another semester, another subject, when will this masters end?!


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