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INF506 Assignment 1 OLJ first entry

a). Define what social networking is

Before beginning the INF506 subject, I would define social networking as the act of connecting online with others, both known to you and unknown. It is online interactions that at their simplest level mimic face-to-face interactions, and at their most advanced allow possibilities never previously available with face-to-face interactions. These possibilities include publishing to niche audiences or reaching mass audiences from your own personal computer, smartphone, or tablet, and being able to connect instantaneously with others around the world who share a similar idea or interest. This publishing and communication isn’t just by written word, but just as often by photographs and video recording. I think people can be heavy users of social networking, or light users, but it is very difficult these days to be a non-user of it.

b). List what social networking technologies and sites you already use (for personal, work, and study purposes)

Before beginning INF506, I use Facebook (extensively) for personal purposes, goodreads and Pinterest for personal and work purposes, and a WordPress blog for study purposes.

c). Describe what you expect to learn from completing INF506.

In this subject, I expect to learn about a wide range of social networking tools that I don’t yet use, and how to utilise social networking more for my work and school purposes, (rather than simply Facebook for personal use).

I expect to have a wide knowledge of available social networking tools and be able to communicate knowledge of them to school members for educational purposes. I also want to be able to articulate to others (staff and admin) why social networking is important in education and the library environment and why they should be utilising it, too.

I also hope to be able to use the knowledge learnt in this subject to elevate the status and relevance of my future school library.


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