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INF506 – Exploring Thinglink

My new favourite social media teaching tool – Thinglink!

Thinglink beautifully mixes image sharing with tagging, but the tags aren’t at the bottom of the photo a la Flickr, they are embedded in the photo where ever the user wishes to place them.

Possibilities for teaching:

I found this site after a grade 8 Social teachers wanted me to help her do a technology based lesson on renaissance art and the progression art made from the middle ages through to the high Renaissance. She wanted the student to show why they thought a certain image belonged in which era. Ping! This is where thinglink hits the nail on the head! Students were given digital images via my website then asked to tag on Thinglink specific qualities that made it either middle ages/early renaissance/high renaissance.


Renaissance art Thinglink

Renaissance Art Thinglink – click on the image to see the tags

Students then used Edmodo to share their tagged images and a discussion was held in small groups then as a class.


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