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INF506 – Exploring Edmodo

For the first assignment for this subject, I was looking into projects I could implement in the school library I work once a week in. I had thought of starting a twitter feed, or blog to let student know about new books in the library, interesting sites etc. All wonderful ideas but then I worried about it going by the wayside once I leave in February….

Then I went to a ProD seminar on Edmodo and how one teacher was currently using it in her grade 11 and 12 Biology classes. Light bulb! What a wonderful case study of social networking in practice in the classroom!

Firstly, what is Edmodo?

  • It is a social networking site designed specifically for teachers to use with student for classroom purposes.
  • It looks very similar to Facebook but with some key differences. Students can only see within their own classes and there is not friending system.
  • All students registered for that class can be seen by everyone. There is a wall, just like facebook, but students can’t PM each other – only the teacher.
  • Also, the teacher can monitor and moderate everything that is written on the class page
  • Teachers can assign tasks and quizzes for student to do and “hand in” online – including submitting documents
  • Teachers can send alerts for important information and these alerts can be pushed to students’ devices
  • It promotes a flipped classroom! Teachers can assign videos to watched, or PDFs/websites to be read at home OUTSIDE of class!
  • It is great for professional development – connecting teachers of the same subjects/interests and allowing them to share knowledge
  • Parents can have a unique log in to see what the class is doing/due dates/PM the teacher etc.
  • And the list goes on….

Example of a video posted on the Edmodo wall. Students who view the video, then “turn in” a short question/comment about the video

Edmodo seems to be a wonderful answer to the want for a social networking tool for class purposes without using the distraction heavy (often banned at school) facebook/twitter etc.

Could this be the ultimate solution to social networking in class? My case study project will find out…..





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