INF506 / OLJ Task

INF506 – Mod 3.1 Arizona State University gets Web 2.0

Visit ASU’s collection of The Library Minute videos and view five (5) of these one minute videos, then visit two (2) of the other Web 2.0 tools used as part of the ASU Library Channel suite at Write a critical evaluation on ASU Libraries? use of these platforms to achieve the 4Cs of social media (in no more than 350 words).

I believe Arizona State University (ASU) gets how to grab young people and draw them into the library. Enter the Library Minute YouTube collection and their wealth of Web 2.0 social tools leading to a 3/4 for the 4 Cs of Web 2.0 – Collaboration, Conversation, Community, and Content-Creation

Thanks to a one minute time commitment per video I watched on their Library Minute YouTube playlist, I now know more about the ASU library than I ever did about my undergrad university’s library, and you know what, it made me want to be a member of this university library!  Content-Creation, Community, Collaboration.

What do the videos have going for them? They are short and sweet, and fresh and choppy, just like young people want and are used to. Without being bogged down by too much information, I got the basic overview of the service they were highlighting in each particular video, enough to get me into the library (physical or virtual) where I could always ask for more help if I needed more specific details. They also seemed to highlight services that wouldn’t already be known by students – “yes, everyone knows libraries have floors and floors of books, but here’s what else we have”.

(I also loved the librarian in the videos – a perfect relatable mix of young, nerdy, awkward librarian-chic.)

How about ASU’s other web 2.0 tools for connecting with students?

Their facebook page is very well maintained with regular posts. Community. I noticed there isn’t a lot of student comments on the posts, however. This could be because:

  • the posts are self-contained pockets of information giving all necessary information thus not needing further questions/comments
  • the posts aren’t the type of posts that prompt comments and questions
  • the fb page doesn’t get many visitors reading the posts
  • students don’t think they are allowed to post on an official library page
  • the students ask follow up question/comments in other way (eg. in person)

Their twitter page (@ASULibraries) seems to be their better example of using web 2.0 tools to reach students from the fact that they have 2,431 followers (compared to only 575 likes on facebook). Their tweets are regular and useful with all vital information contain ed in 140 characters or with a link to where students can find out more. They also retweet important information tweets from other related feed (eg. the university’s twitter feed) so that the library’s feed can be a one-stop-shop for pertinent up to date information.  Conversation and Community.

Overall, the Arizona State University Libraries are doing many many things right to connect with their students, get information out there of what the library offers, and getting students to want to use the library (physically or virtually) to its fullest potential. It takes regular updating to maintain the social tools they are using, but when done right they can be an awesome tool.


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