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INF506 – Exploring Tumblr

I read a very interesting article in the September issue of School Library Journal (it takes a while to make its way around all the schools in the district!). It was by Robin Brenner and it was called Power Tumbl’ng illustrating how she started using Tumblr to find and reach her teen audience at her library. She notes that teens are falling dormant on Facebook and twitter and currently flocking elsewhere – namely Tumblr. She makes an important point: don’t go where you think the teens are, find out and go where they actually are!

As a result of reading her inspiring article I tasked myself with exploring (first finding out what Tumblr was!) the world of Tumblr.

So what did I learn?

It seems to be a combination of blog, pinterest, Facebook, and RSS feed! Wonderful! The teens have chosen a wonderful successor to Facebook for the 2013 social media world!

  • A user can post their own content (like a blog)

  • reblog something of someone else (a la pinterest) to appear on their own blog

  • ‘like’ something (a la Facebook)

  • subscribe to a fellow Tumblr user (like an RSS reader)

Will I continue to use it? For personal reasons no. For school library reasons? Yes! I am itching to create a school library blog and after exploring Tumblr it is the front runner for the tool to use for this purpose. I like that it is very visual and present information as blocks in a haphazard table instead of linear like most blogs. I like that I can easily find interesting content from other sources and pin it to my own blog, and lastly I like that it might be where the students are, or are heading 🙂


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