INF506 / OLJ Task

INF506 – Mod 3.3 Who is a Librarian 2.0?

Based on your reading in Modules 1, 2 and 3 so far, and your examination of the definitions of Librarian 2.0 and the views presented in the above YouTube clips, define what you believe to be the essential knowledge, skills and attributes of an information professional in a Web 2.0 world.

I am going to tackle this from a school librarian 2.0 point of view because that’s what I am striving to become at the end of this masters program. I do think there are many different types of Librarian 2.0’s out there depending on the users they are there to serve.

Technologist (amateur).

I don’t think a Librarian in the 2.0 world can be successful without a love for exploring, experimenting with, incorporating, and encouraging technology use. I would place a little more emphasis on technology than the findings of Partridge, Lee, & Munro (2010, p. 325) indicated but I would agree that Librarian 2.0’s “do not need to be IT professionals per se” (Partridge et al., 2010, p. 326). I feel librarian 2.0’s need to have a love for exploring new technologies in order to find Harvey’s “right tool” (2009).


Much of the technology explored in point 1 will involve communication. Finding and exploring new ways of communicating with users, staff, and communities are important aspects of being a Librarian 2.0. But not only virtual communication, physical communication needs to also be there with users, staff, stakeholders etc. – new ideas need to be successfully communicated to and discussed with all these groups with savvy “negotiation and diplomacy” (Partridge et al., 2010, p. 327) skills.


To bring a librarian, and a library, from 1.0 to 2.0 requires balls to try something new. The Arizona State University library did this in introducing its fast-paced, choppy, hip “Library Minute” collection of videos on their YouTube channel to see if this form of communication with students would be more effective for getting the library’s services to its users. Teen Librarian Robin Brenner (2013, p. 49) created a Tumblr page for her users because it was where her audience were congregating and interacting. The Mattituck-Laurel Library (Barack, 2013) recreated their library in Minecraft to attract her target users and entice library exploration and games.

Overall, my definition of a Librarian 2.0 would be a person who is innately interested in technology, with a strong desire to implement (or try) new things to shake up the status quo all while being able to communicate with users in several forms and communicate visions to users, staff, and stakeholders.

Reference List:

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