INF506 – Mod 4.1 Web 2.0 and Libraries: how much is my library bothering?

After reading AnnaLaura Brown’s trends and predictions for 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012, and then comparing them with the secondary school library I work in, I would conclude that we are still well and truly in the Library 1.0 phase with no real sign of breaking out with the current incumbent head librarian. Let’s see how we shaped up to the following questions:

Which of these tools and trends (listed in Brown’s blogs) has already impacted on your library or organisation?

Ebook readers (although nobody knows the library has them and they are not in circulation yet despite sitting in the back of the cupboard for almost a year…), libguides, Online referencing tools like bibme and citation machine, goodreads (only to find books to purchase and number books in series correctly…) increased collab between other libraries and librarians,

Which of these tools and trends have been discussed by people within your library or organisation as having potential in supporting its goals?

Not many. Technology and change is not seen as a positive by the incumbent librarian. Attempts to suggest implementing other tools such as a website, twitter feed, blog etc. do not lead anywhere, even if I offer to do them myself… Does the library need change, yes! Do the students and teacher want it and would benefit from it? I think yes.

Which of these tools and trends have not yet hit your library or organisation’s radar?

Many many many. But not because of ignorance of their existence…


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