ETL507 – Melbourne Study Visit Day 3

Mary Immaculate Academy Library

Reflection The Academy of Mary Immaculate library is much like many secondary schools libraries and is doing some wonderful things to bring the library into the online world such as a recent improvement in its website to a libguides format and the promotion of online resources through this site. There was little talk, however, of collaboration with the teachers of the academy other than the teaching of bibliographies. While the TL does take grade 7 and grade 8 students for dedicated lesson once a fortnight, it seems from the presentation that there is little collaboration to connect the TL with classroom learning and teaching.

It seems the library is well regarded as a safe place in the school for all students and the space is reflective of a learning commons with some moveable furniture and diversity of sitting spaces. Having all the collection against the walls also promotes use as a learning commons.

The extra curricula opportunities the library is offering are also working well to promote the library and promote a reading culture. Being a central city school also helps the library offer many diverse links with larger public and state libraries.

Evaluation                                                                                                                              Rating _3/5

I was pleased there was one school library on the schedule and I was interested to have seen a private secondary school library to compare to the public secondary schools I have worked in myself. I did not feel, however, that this was a particular exemplar school library to see. While the librarian was passionate about the work she has done with libguides to reinvent the school library website, little else was different from most other school libraries I have been in. In fact, it was a lot smaller than most other secondary libraries.

Perhaps a K-12 school in the city would have more to offer. Overall it was interesting to see a secondary school library but I did not feel I got much out of this visit.


National Meteorological Library


It was interesting seeing this highly specialised library to experience a library where most of its collection is within a very narrow range of Dewey classification numbers – mostly 551.5 – and learning of the UDC system used to cater for these narrow classifications. Some of the resources in the collection, however, appear to have little to do with the Bureau and I was left wondering what their collection policy required them to include. Although this detailed collection is considered open to the public, the layers of swipe card doors to enter leads me to believe the public rarely see this library nor are they encouraged. But nonetheless, the collection appears to be meeting its very narrow mission of helping Bureau of Met. staff members make better decisions by making critical research findable. Its large journal collection (85% of its collection) seems to reflect this focus on research.

Evaluation                                                                                                                              Rating _2/5

I didn’t find this library as interesting as other libraries visit on the study tour.

I did enjoy learning collecting in such a narrow subject range, but I would have liked more connection with the collection itself. The PowerPoint was interesting, but a more detail tour around the collection would have been appreciated.

My rating on the library, however, also is due to my interest as a Teacher librarian and I had little interest level with such a specialised scientific library.


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