Exploring Social Media / INF506 / OLJ Task

INF506 – Assignment 3 OLJ & Evaluative Statement

Part 2: (a) Evaluative Statement Throughout INF506, I have used my OLJ to map my way through this deep world of social networking: experimenting with new technologies; exploring how these are being combined with more establish services to create Library (and Librarian) 2.0; and examining issues and policies in the socially networked world and workplace. … Continue reading

INF506 / OLJ Task

INF506 – Mod 4.2 Reasons why Libraries should be on Social Media

How do these three libraries use social media? (Colour coded to easily see which SM is used the most) University of Northern British Columbia Library (UNBC) Vancouver Public Library (VanPL) University of British Columbia Library (UBC) (NB:   * denotes poorly or never updated) UNBC Library Van Public Library UBC Library Library collection and services marketing … Continue reading