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ETL 401 Blog Task 3 – Information literacy – a skill set, or something much more?

“Information literacy is more than a set of skills”. Present an argument for or against this statement, drawing upon the research and professional literature to support your views. It can be said that information literacy involves information skills and these skills are taught in schools today, most often as part of the library, but these … Continue reading

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ETL401 Blog Task 2 – Role of the TL in Implementing a Guided Inquiry Approach

One of the many roles of the 21st century teacher librarian (TL) is implementing a Guided Inquiry (GI) approach along side classroom teachers. TLs initiate, implement, collaborate, perform, and assess, as well as many other juicy verbs, in this role. What is it? Guided Inquiry consists of a team (teacher, TL and other expert or … Continue reading


All right stop. Collaborate and listen. ♫ ♪

Be it school or business, collaboration is the essence of any good organisation. It might take some organisational change to go from an individual-centered, self-promoting cut throat organisation, to one that values collaboration between individuals and group success, but it can be done if staff are prepared for the inevitable confusion and conflict that comes … Continue reading


Topic 4: Information Literacy slideshare

I enjoyed this slideshare overview on Information Literacy through the eyes of Teachers and Librarians from the Quezon City Librarians Association, Inc (Philippines) I especially liked from slide 19 where it talks about different types of literacy (cultural, visual, media, computer, digital, network). At 122 slides it seems like a pretty comprehensive resources for teachers … Continue reading

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One woman’s wandering? More like Wonder Woman’s wandering!

One Woman’s Wanderings With Web 2.0 Here is a fantastic video on one woman’s (wonder woman in my mind) use and development of web2.0 tools in her primary school class and school. She has done amazingly to first teach herself the tools, implement them with students, then promote the school’s and students’ publishings all over … Continue reading