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INF506 – Mod 4.2 Reasons why Libraries should be on Social Media

How do these three libraries use social media? (Colour coded to easily see which SM is used the most) University of Northern British Columbia Library (UNBC) Vancouver Public Library (VanPL) University of British Columbia Library (UBC) (NB:   * denotes poorly or never updated) UNBC Library Van Public Library UBC Library Library collection and services marketing … Continue reading

INF506 / OLJ Task

INF506 – Mod 3.2 Library 2.0 and designing effective websites

OLJ ACTIVITY Identify a website of a library or information agency you are familiar with (as either an employee or user) that is utilising one or more Web 2.0 technologies to provide information services and/or learning support. Based on your reading of Mathews (2009), Lazaris (2009), McBurnie (2007) and Governor et al (2009): develop your … Continue reading

INF506 / OLJ Task

INF506 – Mod 2.4 Tagging and Social Bookmarking

“Folksonomy is the result of personal free tagging of information and objects (anything with a URL) for one’s own retrieval. The tagging is done in a social environment (usually shared and open to others). Folksonomy is created from the act of tagging by the person consuming the information.” (Source: “The three tenets of a … Continue reading

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INF506 Assignment 1 OLJ first entry

a). Define what social networking is Before beginning the INF506 subject, I would define social networking as the act of connecting online with others, both known to you and unknown. It is online interactions that at their simplest level mimic face-to-face interactions, and at their most advanced allow possibilities never previously available with face-to-face interactions. … Continue reading