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INF506 – Assignment 3 OLJ & Evaluative Statement

Part 2: (a) Evaluative Statement Throughout INF506, I have used my OLJ to map my way through this deep world of social networking: experimenting with new technologies; exploring how these are being combined with more establish services to create Library (and Librarian) 2.0; and examining issues and policies in the socially networked world and workplace. … Continue reading


INF506 – Mod 2.6 The Phantom saves the day for social media participation at work?

Sarah Dillingham’s article “The Phantom: menace or maverick? The psychology of enterprise social media participation” (2012) laid out some interesting, if not obvious, points on the psychology behind whether or not employees participate in work-related social media. What is making the 90% of people on enterprise social media lurkers? What is contributing to them not … Continue reading

Blog Task / INF506 / OLJ Task

INF506 Assignment 1 OLJ first entry

a). Define what social networking is Before beginning the INF506 subject, I would define social networking as the act of connecting online with others, both known to you and unknown. It is online interactions that at their simplest level mimic face-to-face interactions, and at their most advanced allow possibilities never previously available with face-to-face interactions. … Continue reading